DJ James Tobin | Sydney

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In much the same way that I am not a photographer, I have also never studied graphic design work and admire those around me who have, and who I constantly work with to create great design. This one doesn't come with a cool Dad story, and doesn't really come with a travel story either (although I did get the program I use in Bowral? Does that count?). Part of my job is to design things, and I figured if it had to be done, then I'd get involved and try and do it with relative credibility. 

So I started by designing my own logo, which lead to me designing and building this website, and also designing a few club posters, other logo's for colleagues, and now - well...yea, I'm making money off it. I think that means I'm a designer? 

Click on Phill's banner I supplied, including the new branding (or, logo if you're that way inclined) for a refresh of his DJ career, if you're keen to see any more. 

CandyLand Logo created for Sydney event in 2016

CandyLand Logo created for Sydney event in 2016