DJ James Tobin | Sydney


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#JUSTKEEPDANCIN - An Anti lock out message. 

Let's keep this real simple : NSW lock-outs are stupid and have achieved nothing, other than misery. 

In Sydney, we are doing what we can...we use our voice. We kick, we yell, we scream, and we show some facts and figures (real ones) until they see a bit of sense. And if we keep doing that - what is right will eventually prevail, and proper measures will be put in place to lower violence without destroying our fun.

But we gotta keep dancing, Sydney...don't let the fun stop. 

Sydney DJ/Producer James Tobin and DIVA Award winning performer Ripley Waters called in some of their mates to send a message...we want you to keep having fun, and we're working hard to give you the best entertainment possible under these shitty laws...

Don't let the laws win. Get to a venue. Support your performers, support your clubs, and show NSW Government that they can't stop us from having a fucking great time.