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Under the stretch of not even the wildest of imaginations would I ever consider myself to be, or refer to myself as a photographer.

I have never studied the art and have the utmost respect for those that have, or even haven't, and are lucky enough to be professional, money making photographers. It's a beautiful art, photography - and for me, growing up with a Dad who is one of those lucky ones who got to travel the world with a camera and make money from it, it is something I've always had fun with and admired, and held dear. 

This particular picture  (below) I took in Cuzco, Peru while traveling with my grandparents, and my partner at the time (who's still one of my best mates, and is that spunky dude with a cigarette). We were at around 11,000ft altitude and actually found that smoking helped breathing thin air...or maybe that was just an excuse.  The colours in the pic are the colours I remember Cuzco being - very orange, so freakin' pretty. My second favourite country of the 27 I've been to. 

I haven't edited it in any way... and if you click the picture it'll take you to a page of some more photos I've taken, each with a cool little story. Maybe. 

Cuzco, Peru - 2012. 

Cuzco, Peru - 2012.